Are you looking for a better way to resolve your business dispute?

Negotiations with family members, shareholders, customers or suppliers have stalled.
It’s getting very polarised and legal, and you are at risk of heading to court.
Stop to ask, “Why am I choosing an expensive, emotionally demanding, time consuming and risky way to resolve this dispute?”.
Remember, this is just another business decision.

Mediation is the wiser alternative to litigation, and provides:

  • A legally-binding agreement, typically reached in a single day
  • A creative and flexible process with outcomes tailored to meet individual needs
  • The scope for remedies that cannot be obtained from a litigation framework
  • A prompt return to full concentration on building your successful business

Find out today why Embrace Mediation is the wise choice for shareholders, partners and business leaders.

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"The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions." Claude Levi-Strauss


Why work with Embrace Mediation? - These 'Mediation Champions' would.

Jonathan Dingle Mediation Champion

Jonathan Dingle FRSA
Barrister and Mediator, Chair of Trustees, The Society of Mediators

"Speaking personally, I am delighted to welcome David’s initiative to the world of mediation: I am confident that his approach and skills, as well as long-experience of business, will be of great value to those seeking resolution."

Susan Sykes Mediation Champion

Susan Sykes
SME owner of 24 years

"Having experienced a lengthy, stressful and very costly dispute when I left my family business, had I been aware of the service that David offers I would have looked to mediation to lead resolution."

Andy Loeber Mediation Champion

Andrew Loeber
UK Managing Director, Sport & Outdoor Sector

"The combination of David’s business background and extremely approachable style makes him ideally suited to finding solution to your dispute."

Ethos and Values

I set out to create a structured conversation where any emotional background or communication issues between clashing personalities can be accommodated and dealt with to allow focus on understanding the real issues and interests of the parties.

The conversation will concentrate on the future, and has no interest in allocation of blame for the cause of the dispute.

The process provides a flexible forum allowing openness of dialogue (as a group or in confidence one-on-one with the mediator) and is focussed on giving the parties the best possible opportunity to find fair agreement before entering a litigation process.

The process will provide all parties with equal opportunity to express their concerns and interests.

The mediator will be aware of the tension between parties and, where relevant, will seek to help rebuild or preserve important relationships as part of the mediation process.

The process will seek to achieve more than just finding an acceptable share of a fixed pie. It will seek to explore behind the problem in search of opportunity for mutual gain.

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David Fatkin

David Fatkin ACA

Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
Registered Civil Mediation Council
Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Member of Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Associate Ampios Management Partners Limited

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