Embrace Mediation can help you find a solution to these typical business disputes:

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Legal Partnership Disputes

Finding resolution to tensions within the practice and the need to move ahead.

Shareholder Disputes

Leading the difficult conversations that can occur within family-owned businesses.

Business Leader Disputes

Finding answers to challenges within teams or disagreements with customers or suppliers.

Medical Practice Disputes

Resolving workload and structure problems that can arise within the practice.

Farming Disputes

Creating conversations to resolve the difficult issues that can arise from owning and running the family farm.


Other Disputes

You may be facing a business dispute I have not specifically described. If you are in business and I have not described your particular dispute here, I would still welcome hearing from you.

Disputes and failing negotiations come in many more guises than I have set out to describe, so please do contact me and let me understand your specific situation and assess how I can help.


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David Fatkin

David Fatkin ACA

Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
Registered Civil Mediation Council
Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Member of Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Associate Ampios Management Partners Limited

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