Business Leader Disputes

Typical challenges:

  • Commercial Disputes with Supplier or Customer
  • Are you failing to collect a debt from a customer who is unreasonably holding back settlement?
  • Are you being pursued by a supplier for a payment where you believe there are legitimate grounds for non or partial settlement?
  • Are you failing to reach agreement on how to settle a breach of contract?
  • Employer Disputes: with/within management team; with employees; succession
  • Are you failing to reach agreement on the terms of exit for a member of the management team?
  • Is there a breakdown in the leadership team on how to approach a specific and serious business issue?
  • Are you failing to reach agreement on who and terms for internal appointment into key role?


A mediated conversation will cut through communication barriers and create a business based dialogue to enable focus on:

  • Identifying the real underlying issues and interests behind the dispute
  • Ensuring issues and interests are clearly communicated and understood
  • Finding fair settlement
  • Preserving and building important relationships


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David Fatkin

David Fatkin ACA

Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
Registered Civil Mediation Council
Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Member of Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Associate Ampios Management Partners Limited

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