Farming Disputes

Typical challenges:

  • The failure to record partnership arrangements in a formal agreement can lead to unexpected consequences, particularly with reference to ownership and beneficial use of property. (Note: costly and divisive battle in Wild v Wild 2018)
  • Passing the business to the next generation can create real tensions within the family
  • Next generation may have different appetites for involvement in the business, but how to treat all fairly?
  • Passage of time or illness in family leaves next generation in conflict over farm management decision-making
  • Disagreements are threatening value already created, and hampering creation of future livelihood.


A mediated conversation will cut through communication barriers and introduce a realism to enable family dialogue to focus on:

  • Achieving fair outcomes and moving on
  • Preserving relations
  • Understanding the true cost and divisiveness of a legal battle (Wild v Wild 2018)
  • Enabling farm management changes that allow a return to building a successful future.


Other areas where mediation can help

  • A dispute over breach of contract, either with customer or supplier

David Fatkin

David Fatkin ACA

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